What Is Tantric Sex? This will show you
Beyond My Wildest Dreams!
In Tantric Ritual, we transform Sexual Energy into something Profound, Awesome, and the doorways to these qualities open.

This is My special introduction to Tantric Sex and Ritual – an experience like no other.

Through Ritual & Tantric Sex, discover doorways to true connection and higher realms of consciousness.
Ever wondered what “Tantric Sex” is? How does that differ from “normal” sex? What is it in Tantric Sex that can make the orgasm last hMy s? Open to the possibility of experiencing New Sensations and New Energies that you never knew were possible. You are certainly going to learn a whole new range of techniques, practices and explore ways to create “Sacred Space” for those very special moments.
Rituals are a mainstay of Tantra practice. In Tantra, when we do a “Ritual” we use intention, specific techniques, and the unique connection between you and one or several partners to transform My experience of sex into something few have ever experienced. My sexual energy becomes the rocket fuel for a magical and awe-inspiring joy ney into the endless possibilities of experiences beyond My everyday state of being.
spent years to design my very own sets of modern techniques and practices that open to new ideas of Tantric Rituals and Tantric Sex. They have worked and yielded consistent results. Many people have had their first glimpse of mystical realms and higher states of consciousness through My rituals. They have to be experienced to be believed.

What is the massage about?
-Understand and practise new techniques that open you to experience “Tantric Sex”.
-Learn powerful sets of Tantric techniques to use in ritual – techniques related to the transformation of sexual energy into meditative states, energy awareness, and higher consciousness.
-Discover the true meaning of Tantric sex: Not sex in the conventional sense, but something much much bigger …
-Experience some of My most powerful signature rituals – in a group of like-minded gay/bisexual men.
-Explore the infinite possibilities of non-everyday states of mind that Tantra can open for you.

What does that mean practically?
-In this massage, you will learn and experiences all about My “Ritual and Tantric Sex” related body of teachings, delivered through a unique array of sensual, playful, and sometimes mind-blowing exercises, and lots and lots of massages, meditations, and rituals.
-My teaching style will be hands-on and effective, designed to give you an incredibly sensual, indulgent and ecstatic time with a deep and meaningful connection to other like-minded guys.
-Let My self indulge in My rituals, learn a whole lot of special, little-known and effective Tantric techniques, experience My self in new ways, and leave with a clear sense of how to apply the teachings in my daily life.
The massage starts at a gentle pace, with everyone meeting and getting to know each other, in an easy and fun way. After an hMy, you will feel as if you have joined a group of friends you have known forever. We will also make sure that you keep My self safe and ensure that My boundaries are always respected.

We will then start to go deeper, and all you need to do is to let go – which will be easier than you think. We will indulge in a mixture of taught sessions, some free space for you to practice with other guys, and to see the rituals themselves! You will experience lots of touches, massage, and techniques that might take you to places you have never been to before. Enjoy, let go, and just be you.